How to Make Net Zero a Reality in Logistics

Wednesday 27th September 2023

15:00 - 17:30 BST


VF Media


Event Outline

The theme focuses on the transformative steps the logistics sector can take to achieve net-zero emissions. This involves not only reducing emissions but also balancing any remaining emissions with carbon removal to effectively reach a state of ‘net zero.’

Learn about practical approaches and innovative technologies that can help the logistics sector reduce its carbon footprint. This includes optimizing routes for energy efficiency, leveraging electric vehicles, and implementing carbon offset programs. The theme emphasizes the role of collaboration and the shared responsibility of various stakeholders in the logistics sector, from policymakers and logistics providers to customers, in achieving net-zero emissions.

Discussion Points

  • How to move toward net-zero emissions in the logistics sector.
  • Practical approaches and innovative technologies for reducing carbon footprint.
  • The role of collaboration and shared responsibility in achieving net-zero emissions.
  • Optimising routes for energy efficiency such as leveraging electric vehicles.
  • Balancing reduced emissions with carbon removal.

What's in it for me?

A great opportunity to learn and share ideas within a group of
like-minded industry peers in an intimate round table environment.

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